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FLEX Rental Program

Flex _programFor years, comprehensive rental programs have eluded contractors looking to rent rather than own their technology solutions. Rentals certainly provide numerous benefits over traditional purchases including enhanced fleet flexibility, and reduced service costs. What if there was a way to combine the advantages of both rental and ownership into one straightforward option? Welcome to Flex.

Flex represents an entirely new way of thinking about advanced technology rentals. This program combines a low month-to-month rental charge with a versatile no minimum-term period, and a path to ownership through a familiar Rental Purchase Option. This unique structure enables your technology to scale as rapidly and as fluidly as your business does, meaning that the technology you have sitting on the shelf of an office or trailer can become a distant memory. With Flex, you can consistently achieve 100% utilization on your Site Positioning and Machine Control investments. And because there are no term commitments or contracts, when you've completed a project, or if you encounter an application that you hadn't forecasted, simply trade-out or turn in your Flex systems to better fit your new day-to-day operations. Finally, construction technology rentals made simple.

For more information on this revolutionary new rental program and how it can greatly benefit your company, download a copy of the Flex Brochure here or check out our Flex overview video below. And of course, you can contact your Construction Technology Specialist, or call us toll-free at 1-800-622-5777 if you have any questions. With Flex, SITECH is once again raising the bar for providing comprehensive technology solutions to the modern jobsite.