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Grade Control Systems

One of the most power advantages of grade control technology is the flexibility it affords your company throughout the construction process. With the GCS family of grade control solutions, this flexibility is further advanced by the seamless interoperability and commonality found betweed the various grade control systems. By utilizing many of the same systems components and workflow processes, upgrading your existing fleed becomes a much simpler and cost-effective option. This means that as your needs and capabilities change, your grade control technology can adapt to fit your needs.

Product Name

Trimble GCS900 Grade Control System

The Trimble GCS900 Grade Control System is a cutting-edge earthmoving system that puts design surfaces, grades, and alignments inside the cab. The Trimble GCS900 is extremely flexible and can be used on excavators, dozers, motor graders, compactors, scrapers, trimmers, and milling machines.


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Trimble GCS900 UTS Grade Control System

The Trimble GCS900 UTS system is a full 3D control system that uses a Trimble SPS930 or SPS730 Universal Total Station to measure, the exact position, accurate cross slope, and heading of the blade. This is especially advantageous for complex design surfaces such as super-elevation grading.


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Trimble GCS600 Grade Control System

The GCS600 Grade Control System is a highly flexible, cross slope and elevation control system designed fine grading work. The GCS600 system is ideal for a wide variety of consturction applications needing tight tolerances and finished grade work.


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Trimble GCS600 Grade Control System For Excavators

The Trimble GCS600 Grade Control System for Excavators is a laser-based system designed for excavation, trenching, grading and profile work. This system is ideal for contractors looking for a flexible, economical, and easy-to-use grade control system to improve their productivity and profitability.


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Trimble GCS300 Grade Control System

The GCS300 Grade Control System is an affordable, single control system that uses a laser receiver to control the machine blade lift. Because it provides a low cost of entry into Grade Control Systems, the GCS300 is easily upgradeable as your needs grow.


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Trimble PCS900 Paving Control System

Trimble PCS900 Paving Control System is a 3D automatic screed control system that can significantly improve paving productivity and the rideability of road and airport surfaces by directly referencing off the road design. The result is a very smooth final paved surface, higher productivity and less material usage.