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Site Positioning Systems

Operating as an integral part of todays construction jobsite technology, Trimble Site Positioning Systems are designed to provide contractors with state-of-the-art construction positioning solutions. Trimble SPS provides the non-surveyor in site preparation, heavy / highway, mining, landfill and waste disposal the ability to quickly resolve problems on site and the flexibility to complete any task. Contractors can track, report, validate and control workflows from receipt of initial designs to project completion. Available as either GPS or Robotic Total Station solutions, SPS systems be combined with the Trimble SCS900 Site Controller Software developed specifically for construction applications.

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Trimble SPS GPS Rover

The Trimble SPS GPS Receiver is the simple solution to all your site measurement and stakeout applications. The Trimble SPS GPS Receivercan be used as either a rover for site measurement and stakeout, or as a base station for site measurement and machine control operations.



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Trimble SPS GPS Base Station

The Trimble SPS GPS Base Station combines a GPS receiver and radio into a compact and rugged
housing. This design allows contractors to secure the majority of their investment inside a site trailer or carrying case and is ideal for semi-permanent or permanent setups and construction rover applications.



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Trimble TSC3 Controller

The Trimble TSC3 controller is designed to operate with all Trimble Site Positioning Systems, including the SPS882 GNSS Smart Antenna, SPS852 GNSS Modular Receiver, and SPS series total stations. The TSC3 is the contractor's new information hub.